A private setting (not a gym) with one-on-one certified personal trainers using the revolutionary method of super slow high intensity strength training. Just two 20 minute workouts per week using new state-of-the-art Nautilus equipment. A super slow speed of 10 seconds on the lifting phase (positive) and 10 seconds on the lowering phase (negative) is extremely safe for all ages.

While traditional strength training focuses on bringing the muscles to fatigue, at True U Fitness you go one step further… to Muscle SuccessMuscle Success is where your primary (large) and secondary (small) muscles are brought to a point where you can no longer move the weight. This is where the results begin: toning, shaping, & firming. Clients build lean muscle tissue which increases the body’s metabolism, burning extra calories even while you sleep.

Not only does muscle help you burn fat, it takes up 20% less space than fat thus turning your body into a “FAT BURNING MACHINE.”

  • Schedule Intro Session
  • Schedule Intro Session

Typical True U Fitness Clients are:

  • Individuals that don’t want to spend extra time beyond what is needed to accomplish incredible results. (more is not better).
  • Individuals who are intimidated by all those machines and weights.
  • Individuals new to strength training and want to learn how to exercise effectively and safely.
  • Individuals looking for a private, personal workout (where you are not judged by others).
  • Individuals looking for a scientifically backed medical approach to strength training, recovering from an injury, or simply want to improve activities like lifting or playing with the kids or grandchildren.


“As a busy CPA, I knew it was time to take control of my Osteopenia. After just 8 weeks, I’m stronger and more toned than ever! I feel amazing as friends and family are constantly commenting on the new me! The best part is its only 20 minutes! True U Fitness is a no-brainer.” *Results may vary
“In just 3 months, my cloths fit better, I have improved range of motion and my golf game has dramatically improved! With my busy work schedule, just 20 minutes twice per week fits my lifestyle to a “T.” True U Fitness has become part of my life for years to come!” *Results may vary
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“In just 6 weeks, my chronic back pain is gone, I have lost 5 pounds and cannot believe how strong I look and feel! The best part is it is only 20 minutes, twice a week. I’m a True U Fitness believer!” *Results may vary
“I have already met my target weight loss of 15lbs, reduced my blood pressure, gained lean muscle and feel stronger than ever! Gosh, I even had to buy an entire new wardrobe. All in just 12 weeks! The best part is it is only 20 minutes, 2x per week!” *Results may vary
John Moreland, Click to read more!
In October 2015, I had given up on myself. My sedentary lifestyle had caused my weight to balloon to 220 pounds. I was in almost constant pain from arthritis and high blood pressure and cholesterol. Most seriously, my A1C test showed that I was just a decimal point away from being diabetic. At this, my lowest point, I attended a Women’s Health Expo, and there I learned about True U Fitness. *Results may vary
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