Great Question! Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training is a revolutionary method to strength training where all we ask for is your commitment to 2, 20-minute workouts per week! With a super slow cadence speed of 10 seconds in the lifting phase and 10 seconds in the lowering phase, each client will be in and out of our 10 state-of-the-art Nautilus machines within 1-2 minutes. As the traditional method of weight lifting calls for muscle fatigue, Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training goes a step further, MUSCLE SUCCESS! Muscle success in essence is where we take all your primary (large) and secondary (small) muscles and bring them to the point where you can no longer move the weight. We call this an “impossible repetition.” Muscle success or muscle failure is where RESULTS BEGIN! While several methods of exercise use momentum and high speed, Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training uses zero momentum and slow speed, ultimately making it extremely safe, yet highly effective.
NO PROBLEM! Every 20-minute workout here at True U Fitness is a one-on-one session with just you and your Certified Personal Trainer. You will never be asked to set your own machines, record your progress, or make another appointment on your own. Your Certified Personal Trainer will be by your side coaching you through the entire workout (even should the phone ring or next appointment arrive early), answering any questions you might have along the way. Furthermore, should you have nutritional questions or advice, your Certified Personal Trainer will be happy to help.
YES! Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training is one of the safest workouts out there today! With 10-second cadence speed in the lifting (positive) phase and 10-second cadence speed in the lowering (negative) phase, you will virtually be moving at a snail’s pace. Furthermore, while many exercise methods use momentum resulting in injury, your Certified Personal Trainer here at True U Fitness will make sure momentum is non-existent. Finally, locking out is part of many other exercise methods that put tremendous stress on the bones, ligaments, and joints often resulting in injury. Here at True U Fitness, locking out is something your Certified Personal Trainer will never allow. When you combine a super slow speed to exercise, zero momentum and no possibility of locking out, it becomes safe for everyone at any age, with any prior injury.
NEVER! Congratulations for taking your first step toward a healthier you! No matter your age, athletic level, injury type, or if you have never touched a weight before, it’s never too late. Clients from 25-91 years of age have fallen in love with Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training and all the results it has delivered.
IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! While most people think and other exercise methods preach “More is better,” here at True U Fitness we say, “Less is better.” Let’s explain: When you take the average or even athletic person, properly fit them into a machine (taking into account ANY injury) and have a Certified Personal Trainer coach them through 7-8 machines; achieving the point of an “impossible repetition” or MUSCLE SUCCESS/MUSCLE FAILURE within 1-2 minutes per machine, a 9th machine equaling more than 20 minutes might sound like an impossibility. Furthermore, we ask that you give your body 72-96 hours of COMPLETE rest time or recovery! Because of the demanding workout, your muscles need time to rest and recover. Therefore, we recommend doing no other workout besides 20 minutes, 2x a week! Sound too good to be true, ask any one of our clients!
NO WAY! Here at True U Fitness, we have three separate/private workout rooms with 10 state-of-the-art Nautilus machines. Each time you perform your 20-minute workout, you will be in a one-on-one environment with just you and your Certified Personal Trainer. In fact, many clients consider themselves family, becoming inspired by fellow clients training around them, providing encouragement and inspiration to each other.
Not at all! Most clients come in the clothes they will be wearing throughout the course of their day. While the workout is challenging, highly effective and an opportunity to get amazing results, you may perspire but very little. We keep all our locations at a climate that is very comfortable to you with the option for personal fans on each and every machine if you wish. Should you decide to change, we have a private changing area with cubbies to ease your mind.
Yes! We take certification here at True U Fitness very serious. Once a candidate is hired and part of our team, certification begins. Certification on average takes a trainee roughly 2 months to complete. The training contains: 3 written exams, 4 practical exams, 1 phone test, 2 hour final exam, 5 hours of instructional video, reading and comprehension of a 300 page college style text book on Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training. Lastly, an extensive understanding of the muscular system within the human body is required and tested upon through written and practical tests. Once all of the material is completed and successfully passed up to our standards, the trainee if officially certified and can begin changing client’s lives forever!
Great Question! It takes some clients as little as 4 weeks to begin seeing and feeling those results, but on average 6 weeks to see and feel their body begin changing. Whether you’re looking for toning, firming or weight loss, the time period before you notice results may vary per client based on nutritional consumption and genetics to build that muscle.
NONE! All we ask for is that you show up for your 20-minute workout, 2x a week and give it your all.
ABSOLUTLY! During your 20-minute workout here at True U Fitness, your cardiovascular system will certainly be working in order to keep up with the demand your body is looking for. In order for your body to keep up with this demand, your breathing becomes more laborious requiring the cardiovascular system to work at full efficiency. Let’s explain with some research, “During exercise, the muscles of the body require more energy and more oxygen than they do at rest. To supply the muscles with oxygen-rich blood, the cardiovascular system, has to make adjustments in how it meets your muscles’ demands. To deliver the necessary oxygen and nutrients, your heart must adjust its pace to send blood through your body at a more rapid rate” (Dixon). Furthermore, “Oxygen is vital to all muscles of the body. The respiratory system is responsible for bringing oxygen into the body to be absorbed into the blood stream. The cardiovascular system then delivers the oxygen to your muscles. During exercise, the demand for oxygen increases because your muscles are working harder. In order to meet this increased demand, the heart has to pump faster in order to get oxygen out to them” (Dixon). With this being said, just 2, 20-minute workouts here at True U Fitness will certainly give you all the cardiovascular fitness you’re looking for.
ABSOLUTLEY! Ken Hutchins developed the concept of Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training in the 1980’s. Since its development, Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training has been studied for numerous years through several research projects. In 1982, Ken Hutchins performed a research study on Super Slow, while attending the University Of Florida Medical School. This research resulted in a highly recognized “Super Slow Protocol” college style textbook that helped fine tune the development, concept and explanation of super slow effectiveness with over 8000 one-on-one workouts (Hutchins). Let’s look into some additional studies and research:

Research and study from Wayne Wescott Ph.D.: As a fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Massachusetts, Wayne Wescott (PhD.) found the following results at his local health facility:“Women who do not strength train lose about 5 pounds of muscle every decade of adult life. That leads to a lower metabolism and a gradual increase in fat weight, as well as a less fit, firm and attractive appearance. So, in most cases, the added muscle simply replaces the muscle previously lost through lack of use. And women who start strength training typically loose twice as much fat as they gain muscle. In one of Wescott’s studies, more than 700 women performed about 25 minutes of strength training (13 Nautilus exercises) 2 or 3 times a week for two months. On average, they added almost 2 pounds of muscle and lost about 4 pounds of fat. They also increased their muscle strength by over 40 percent, which greatly enhanced their physical abilities and performance levels” (Wescott). WOW!

Additional research and study from Wayne Wescott Ph.D.: As a fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Massachusetts, Wayne Wescott (Ph.D.) found the following results at his local health facility: “Over the past few years, many women who enjoyed the benefits of our standard strength training program elected to participate in our high-intensity workouts. Our 6-week high-intensity strength-training program involves 30 minutes of nearly continuous strength exercise, working all of the major muscle groups to fatigue. Each of the two weekly workouts are performed under the expert direction of a personal trainer who ensures safe and productive exercise sessions” (Wescott). The subjects involved were leaner, stronger and more fit while reported feeling great and functioning like teenager athletes. In addition, the subjects on average showed a 6lb improvement in body composition (Wescott). “Although these women were already well-conditioned when they started high-intensity strength training, they definitely enhanced their physical appearance over the 12 exercise sessions. On average, they added 3.3 pounds of muscle and lost 2.7 pounds of fat, for a 6-pound improvement in body composition” (Wescott).

Additionally, “strength training is a safe and effective exercise for women. It does not produce bulky bodies, but it does develop strong and shapely muscles that are fit and functional. Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training programs are time efficient, requiring only two half-hour exercise sessions a week for excellent results. Regardless of age or present level of fitness, every woman should begin a strength training program for life.” In conclusion, Wescott confirmed in his study that looking, feeling and functioning better, research indicates that regular strength exercise may also reduce your risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, low back pain, certain types of cancer and depression (Wescott). WOW!

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