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• 1 hour of one-on-one Personal Training with a Certified Personal Trainer learning 5 different exercises.

• A book titled: A Flat Stomach ASAP by Ellinton Darden.

• Optional Body Analysis (details your own, Body Composition, Activity and Caloric needs, Total Body Fat/ Recommended Body Fat Range and your total Body Water).

• The True U Fitness Blue Binder (which details the 21 muscles you will be working in just 20 Minutes, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), scientifically backed medical research & testimonials).

Discover the benefits of a 20 minute, 2X week strength training program with AMAZING RESULTS!

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“As a busy CPA, I knew it was time to take control of my Osteopenia. After just 8 weeks, I’m stronger and more toned than ever! I feel amazing as friends and family are constantly commenting on the new me! The best part is its only 20 minutes! True U Fitness is a no-brainer.” *Results may vary
“In just 3 months, my cloths fit better, I have improved range of motion and my golf game has dramatically improved! With my busy work schedule, just 20 minutes twice per week fits my lifestyle to a “T.” True U Fitness has become part of my life for years to come!” *Results may vary
Kit Bradman, Click to read more!
“In just 6 weeks, my chronic back pain is gone, I have lost 5 pounds and cannot believe how strong I look and feel! The best part is it is only 20 minutes, twice a week. I’m a True U Fitness believer!” *Results may vary
“I have already met my target weight loss of 15lbs, reduced my blood pressure, gained lean muscle and feel stronger than ever! Gosh, I even had to buy an entire new wardrobe. All in just 12 weeks! The best part is it is only 20 minutes, 2x per week!” *Results may vary
John Moreland, Click to read more!
In October 2015, I had given up on myself. My sedentary lifestyle had caused my weight to balloon to 220 pounds. I was in almost constant pain from arthritis and high blood pressure and cholesterol. Most seriously, my A1C test showed that I was just a decimal point away from being diabetic. At this, my lowest point, I attended a Women’s Health Expo, and there I learned about True U Fitness. *Results may vary
Mary Oliver, Click to read more!