“I initially thought to myself, just 2, 20 minute workouts per week! That sounds too easy and definitely too good to be true. Wow was I mistaken! As a busy working professional here in downtown Sarasota, the thought of spending hours in the gym getting little to no results seemed daunting and downright impossible. With goals of weight loss, toning and firming and the ability to control my high blood pressure, I knew it was time for a change. After just 12 weeks training here at True U Fitness, I could not be happier with my fitness goals and results! I lost 15 lbs in 3 short months, gained 1 pound of lean muscle, had to buy an entire new wardrobe of shirts and pants and gosh, even a new belt! Finally, really exciting news came when I went in for my yearly check-up with my doctor. He gave me a clean bill of health, explaining how impressed he was by my lower than normal blood pressure. True U Fitness has definitely changed my life!”
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