Looking to lose weight? Toning and Firming? Stressed at work? High Blood Pressure? High Cholesterol? Arthritis? Chronic Neck Pain? Shoulder Pain? Back Pain? Hip Pain? Knee Pain? Osteoporosis? Osteoarthritis? Or just looking to have more energy and do the simple things in life that now feel challenging?

Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training is a revolutionary method of strength training with only a commitment to 2, 20-minute workouts a week! Can you afford 20 minutes to achieve your fitness goals? While you’re probably saying, THAT’S TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, were saying IT ISN’T! With a super slow cadence speed of 10 seconds in the lifting phase and 10 seconds in the lowering phase, you will be in and out of each of our 10 state of the art Nautilus machines within 1-2 minutes. As the traditional method of weight lifting calls for muscle fatigue, Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training goes a step further, MUSCLE SUCCESS! Muscle success in essence is where we take all your primary (large) and secondary (small) muscles and bring them to muscle success or muscle failure. Muscle success or muscle failure is where muscle is safely broken down and RESULTS BEGIN! While several methods of exercise use momentum and high speed, Super Slow High Intensity Strength Training uses zero momentum and slow speed, ultimately making it extremely safe, yet highly effective.

Still sound too GOOD TO BE TRUE! While most people think and other exercise methods preach “More is better,” here at True U Fitness we say, “Less is better.” Let’s explain: When you take the average or even athletic person, properly fit them into a machine (taking into account ANY injury) and have a Certified Personal Trainer coach them through 7-8 machines; achieving the point of an “impossible repetition” or MUSCLE SUCCESS/MUSCLE FAILURE within 1-2 minutes per machine, additional machines equaling more than 20 minutes have been proven to provide no additional benefit. Furthermore, we ask that you give your body 72-96 hours of COMPLETE rest time or recovery! Because of the demanding workout, your muscles need time to rest, recover and rebuild so we recommend doing NO OTHER WORKOUT besides 20 minutes, 2x a week! Sound too good to be true, ask any one of our clients!

Looking to turn your body into a “FAT BURNING MACHINE?”  As clients have come to us for various types of RESULTS, a majority are looking for a more slender, more in shape YOU! WE CAN HELP! Super Slow Strength Training helps breakdown muscle, rebuild it and replace unwanted fat with muscle. While many ladies have asked, are my going to get bulky, the answer is “Nope, not at all.” The best part of Super Slow Strength Training is the ability to turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE thus producing additional AFTER BURN! What this means is when you are sleeping, watching your favorite TV show or visiting with friends or family, your body is burning more calories at rest (AFTER BURN) than it did prior to joining True U Fitness! Pretty AWESOME!

We take SAFETY very SERIOUS! Let’s explain: With the 10 second cadence speed in the lifting (positive) phase and 10 second cadence speed in the lowering (negative) phase, you will virtually be moving at a snail’s pace. While many exercise methods use momentum resulting in injury, your Certified Personal Trainer here at True U Fitness will make sure momentum is non-existent. Finally, locking out is part of many other exercise methods that put tremendous stress on the bones, ligaments and joints often resulting in injury. Here at True U Fitness, locking out is something your Certified Personal Trainer will never allow. When you combine a super slow speed to exercise, zero momentum and no possibility of locking out, it becomes safe for everyone at any age, with any injury. As a result, Super Slow High Intensity Strength training is one of the safest workouts out there today!

What we ask from you! Just simply show up, and work your hardest; it’s that easy!  We will do all the REST! While most workout methods are in a class or group setting, here at True U Fitness, you will ALWAYS be one-on-one with one of our Certified Personal Trainers in a private setting. You will NEVER set a machine, record your progress on a chart, or set up your own appointment times. We’ll always do all this for you!

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